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Monday, March 28, 2011

Bottled message

Slowly I reach for the the bottle. I already noticed that it contains a piece of paper. Gently I try to remove it, fearing the paper might tear. While scratching my head I read:

"To whoever finds this message:

Hello dear stranger. Much years could have passed by the time you read this, but you have fulfilled my goal. I might not know you, but nevertheless I want to deeply thank you for opening this bottle. In return, let me tell you something about myself.

Out there, where you are, there are people who know me as "Bebas Pikiran". I used to be a place where they gathered, where I told them stories, where they shared their thoughts. It was a rather small community, small but pleasant. I intentionally said 'used'. Hard time came. I won't deny it was for selfish purposes, but I had important things to concentrate on. I left them, for I needed time. However, I've become consciousness of this action, which I can't solve on my own.

Dear stranger, I know I have no right to ask this from you, but if you read this, please; Tell them I'm sorry, tell them I'll be back. I don't know for how long I'll be gone, but I know for sure it won't take long. No, it won't.

Please fullfill this once in a lifetime request,

Bebas Pikiran"


Now what the hell is this doing in my refrigerator?


  1. youre obviously in the matrix

  2. HAHAHA thats some bad ass note, i would go tell them or something bad is going to happen to ur karma!

  3. nice post, good blog

    + follower:)

  4. It's inception, send your projections after the intruders in your dream!

  5. wow I'm going to think about this all day now. Thanks :)

  6. Nice post
    hope you will come back soon

  7. Why can't I find lost messages in my milk-bottles?

  8. I wish I even had milk bottles :(

  9. I want to find lost messages too :(

  10. Are you in argentina? surely you can't be in our lowest land Alaska... Where are you man?